The Preppy Witch (@thepreppywitch)

2 weeks ago

Confession: For a fleeting moment last night, I considered deleting this account. This account that I love, that brings me so much joy and fun and creativity! Why? Because I’m afraid that people who aren’t in this community and who don’t know my heart will see my love for Harry Potter and think that I stand for the hurtful, hateful things JKR is putting into the world right now. Our world is *literally* going up in flames, and instead of trying to douse the fire with love and lumos, she’s throwing cherry bombs into its most vulnerable spaces. It’s heartbreaking. So I wondered....Should I walk away? And then I thought of you all. Man, I would miss you! And that’s when I realized—really realized—the thing that everyone has been saying. It’s ours now. Maybe she gave birth to the child, but we raised it and loved it and gave it a home. I don’t even think she’d recognize what it’s grown into. And she doesn’t get to take it away from us now. So I guess this is my long way of saying thank you. Because without you all I’d be struggling even harder to grapple with my love for these stories, and now I don’t have to do it alone. 💛🖤💛🖤💛 #harrypotter #potterhead #pottergram #hogwarts #hogwartsismyhome #hufflepuff #hufflepuffaesthetic #always #translivesmatter #transwitchesarewitches