Luna Dado (@luna.dado)

2 weeks ago

. 2018 Sleep, Little Darling ©️Luna Dado . I’ve been told that I’ve always been a source of comfort to the living and the dying. I held my brother in law’s hand hours before his passing over 12 years ago. He told me that’s all he needed before he went. I’ve held many hands throughout the years and always did my best to give and show empathy. All lives deserve to live and all lives deserve to die a proper death. That’s why I’m vegan. I refuse to eat death. I refuse to eat a being who had a face like me; eyes, nose, mouth. I held my beautiful father’s hand on October 9 as he took his last breath. It was only he and I in his bedroom. I was his caregiver for 12 years. Mom was resting in the bedroom next to us. I comforted my beautiful Dad, then entered the room my mother was resting to comfort her. I found this little darling dead on the balcony in 2018. My brother helped dig a hole under my plum tree. I held this precious being in my hands knowing far too well how life is precious and knowing far to well that the deceased from our animal kingdom deserve the same respect and love as those in our human kingdom. Animals are here with us and not for us. Every death deserves immense respect because every death was once very much alive and no being should ever be disregarded and disrespected. I have a lot of my images I have yet to share. Most of them are my documentary photography as a caregiver. It honours my parents. It recounts a fragment theirs and my story from these last 12 years. As time goes on, I’ll share some of these images. Eventually I’ll share the ones which are my most personal. I have a special friend and mentor who is helping me along the way and to this person, I say thank you infinity. . @christopherbarrphotography Follow this amazing human and artist. His art/portfolio and work is that of a true master. #lunadado #streetphotography #worldviewmag #womenstreetphotographers #photo #photographer #canada #instagood #instagram #foto #fotografia #hikaricreative #thisislifemagazine #blackandwhite #lensculture #spicollective #wallart #worldviewmag #music #birds #conceptualart #bnw_demand #somewheremagazine #shotsmagazine #photoedmagazine