Annabel Carington (@annabelcarington)

1 weeks ago

'Sleepy.’ Acrylic on board (approx. 20x16cm ). This is the first painting for my new series, ‘Sleep.’ The series takes inspiration from how we have thought about sleeping, dreams, nightmares, & night more broadly, in everyday culture, as well as in poetry & fiction. It’s a big project which includes the pen & ink drawings I posted a few weeks ago of the sleeping (or not! ) woman, small paintings such as this one which draw directly from fiction and/or poetry, & larger works about the things that go on at night. I’m also contemplating some other parts to it but I’ll tell you about those another time! The literature-inspired pieces will, this time, not be concentrated on one poet or author, but take inspiration from a range of writers, from Shakespeare, to Charlotte Bronte, Coleridge, and Elizabeth Bowen, among others. This particular piece takes inspiration from ’Sleepy’, an 1888 short story by Chekhov, the absolute master of the form. The story demonstrates — in a way which these days could even sit comfortably in a horror genre — the potential consequences of sleep deprivation & what can happen when someone is pushed beyond their limits with no one to turn to. A sad story beautifully rendered and, despite being distinctly in 19th century Russia, very relevant today. In making this painting, I thought about the story as a whole & what it might mean to see the night approach, feel the air become still and cold, while feeling like you’re never going to be allowed to sleep again. A feeling of being in the night but set aside from it, too. “Seeing the windows getting dark, Varka presses her temples that feel as though they were made of wood, and smiles, though she does not know why. The dusk of evening caresses her eyes that will hardly keep open, and promises her sound sleep soon. In the evening, visitors come.” #Chekhov #AntonChekhov #Sleepy #sleep #artseries #smallworks #originalart #originalpainting #modernpainter #modernpainting #contemporarybritishpainting #contemporaryart #night #nighttime #nightmare #asleep #literature #wordsandpictures #artandliterature #abstractlandscape #artistsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #contemporarypainting #artandbooks