Walla Abu-Eid | ولاء ابو عيد (@walla_abueid)

2 weeks ago

Enchilada meatball bake and tacos! OMG this was absolutely delicious!! You could enjoy the meatball bake with a side of rice but I decided to take it a step further and make enchilada meatball tacos! Watch how I made them in my stories! 😄 Enchilada meatball Recipe: Ingredients: * 1 kg minced meat * 3 green onions chopped * 1 cup breadcrumbs * 2 tbsp taco spices * 1 tbsp paprika * 2 tsp minced garlic * 1 tsp onion granules * 1 tsp garlic powder * 1 tsp salt or to taste * Jar of enchilada sauce @walla_abueid For the Bake * Jar of enchilada sauce * 1 cup and half mixed cheese Optional Toppings * green onions * jalapenos * tomatoes * Olives * Capsicum * avocados * sour cream @walla_abueid Method: - Preheat oven to 200°C - In a bowl add all the meatball ingredients and mix well. Shape the meat mixture into balls - Place meat balls onto baking tray and bake till fully cooked - In a baking dish, pour half the enchilada sauce over the bottom. Place the meatballs over the sauce then top with the remaining sauce and sprinkle cheese. Add whatever toppings you like (capsicum, olives, green onions, tomato ) - Bake the casserole until cheese melts and gets a light golden colour - To make tacos: place lettuce, tomatoes and meat balls on soft taco shells, add any sauce you like/sour cream/ avocados and enjoy! #enchiladas #enchiladacasserole #meatballs #pastarecipes #pastarecipe #cannelloni #meatball #meatrecipes #pastadish #pastadishes #dinnerrecipes #dinnerrecipe #lunchrecipes #lunchrecipe #quickdinner #easydinner #quicklunch #crepe #crepes #savourycrepes #mexicanrecipes #mexicanrecipe #tacos #tacotuesday #crunchwrap #tacobell #tacorecipe